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Freecash is a offer based website that pays you in multiple ways. But is freecash legit?

Is Freecash Legit?

Freecashs has a Trustpilot score of 4.6 which makes it a legit site to make money online. Moreover, below is the payment proof from the freecash app.

Awaiting freecash payment

So, is Freecash legit. yes it is.

 The first step to earn money with Freecash is to create your free account with it.

Use this special link to create your free account.

Now, there are 8 different ways to make money with Freecash. Let me guide you step by step for the same.

Different Earning Methods with Freecash

1. Surveys. Freecash has different survey partners for giving you quality surveys. These include - CPX Research, Bitlabs, Pollfish and

2. Offers. The second method of earning money with freecash is offers. There are 6 major types of offers that you can do on Freecash. These offers are -

  • Sign ups
  • Playing Games
  • Installing apps.
  • Deposits
  • Quiz Offers
  • Miscellaneous
3. Rewards. There are 7 days streak rewards on freecash which means you will earn a cash reward if you earn $1.00 every single day of the week. See here

4. Freecash Affiliate Program. Freecash has a very broad affiliate marketing system. It starts with 5% commissions per referral and can go as high as 30% commissions based on your affiliate earnings.

See here,

The motivation lies in the fact, with this affiliate program, some people have earned as much as $99,413 which is not less than ₹ 80,00,000. I believe If some people can do it so can you and I. The logic is that simple.

See below,

All you need is to promote Freecash affiliate program with the help of a simple but engaging blog website and social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up on Freecash and start earning.

How to Withdraw money from Freecash?

There are many methods to withdraw your money from Freecash website. Out of these, I recommend you to sign up on Airtm and go with it, as it has the minimum withdrawal amount of $0.50 USD.

For the first withdrawal, there is a condition that applies on everyone on Freecash. It is, you need to earn 2000 points through offers and surveys as shown below.

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