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The first step to make bitcoin for free with Cointiply is to create your account on it.

Use this special link to create your Cointiply account.

You are going to earn coins on Cointiply. There are 8 different methods of earning coins on cointiply. Let me share them one by one with you.

8 ways of making free bitcoin on cointiply

1. Roll the Faucet: Here, you will get an opportunity to earn coins for free by clicking on Roll and win as shown below.

roll the daily faucet on cointiply

2. View PTC Ads. Like the website Coinpayu, Cointiply offers watching ads to earn coins.. All you need to do is click on the ad and then watch it for few seconds. Do the validation on the first page. Done.

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view ptc ads on cointiply to earn free bitcoin

3. Play the Multiplier: Here, you let 10 coins go for a chance to win more than 10 coins. But, be careful as it can also lead to a streak of losses.

Play the coin multiplier on cointiply

4. Play games on Cointiply : Here, you will get 10 coins every time your activity bar is filled up. See below.

play games on cointiply

5. Refer Uses to Cointiply : You can earn commissions by referring other people to cointiply. If you refer your friends and family then it might not yield good results for you. So, please learn how to do referral marketing. 

One method I use and that works for me is referring users with the help of a blog and a youtube channel. It is small investment but it works like a charm.

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6. Redeem Promo codes. The sixth method of making coins and bitcoin satoshis for free on cointiply is about redeeming promo codes. Cointiply subscibers and twitter followers often get promo codes for like 100 coins, 1000 coins.

redeem promo codes on cointiply

So, do subscribe them for updates and follow their twitter page to earn more.

7. Cointiply Quests. This is a bonus from Cointiply where you get extra coins for completing certain tasks like Collecting daily coins, referring friends etc.

Cointiply quests and bonuses

8. Offer walls. Like ySense, cointiply offers offerwalls where you can earn money by installing apps, doing offers, watchin videos on and completing surveys. All the popular offerwalls like Adgate media and Adgem are here.

offerwalls on cointiply to earn free bitcoin

That's all with the methods of making coins i.e. bitcoin with Cointiply.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from Cointiply?

To withdraw your earned bitcoin satoshis from Cointiply, you need to go to your profile on right and click on withdraw. When you click on Withdraw, below screen will open up.

how to wirhdraw bitcoin from cointiply?

As you can see, you can take your payment in bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash or Litecoin. The minimum withdrawal is 50,000 coins for bitcoin and 30,000 coins for Doge, Dash and Litecoin (LTC).

Atlast, Cointiply like Freebitcoin website is a great way to earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free.

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