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"To Contribute Rather Compete"

KreditBee helped our Moneykuxion Admin when He was facing financial difficulty in his life. Since his ITRs were not filled. He was not able to avail any loan from any reputed bank. 

Now all his ITRs are properly and He still remembers that KreditBee helped him in his bad financial period.

The first step to experience KreditBee yourself is to install the application in your mobile phone.

Use this special link to install the KreditBee Application

KreditBee offers Loans to Salaried professionals and Self-employed both as shown below.

The repayment schedule of KreditBee is usually 3rd of every month 

See here,

KreditBee offers you huge discounts and cashbacks in Electronics, Accessories, Grooming, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Travel and others.

One point of getting loans from apps is that you have to face the "Processing fee charges". KreditBee offers you ways to reduce that processing overhead by 

1. Submitting your details i.e Who You are exactly to them.
2. Through their Refer and Earn Program. (So, Tap here to Install and Start Referring it Now. It's Free!)

You can invest in 24K Gold, check your credit score for 40.00. This is not recommended as we believe you can have one time meal in India with that money or can add it up to your stock marketing portfolio (If penny stocks interest you as well).

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KreditBee First Asked Questions

You can check all the important questions in the Help section of the application as shown below.

Hope you liked our review of KreditBee Credit App. Are you going to use it? Do share your experience in the world of Loans.


  1. Thank you so much for reading this article on Moneykuxion about KreditBee. Hope this adds value to your life and reduces your financial burdens.


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