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Freo Pay Complete Review + Make Money Online With It by Moneykuxion

Are you Salaried person or a starting your own business? Were you looking for some Interest Free Credit Limit to fulfill your needs. Of course, Interest Free Credit Limits are Better Than Loans. Then you have come at the right place. Freo Pay offers it all.

The very first step to obtain a credit free limit is to install the Freo Pay app.

So,Tap here to Install the Freo Pay App for Free.

Once your app is installed then please continue reading.

What is Freo Pay?

Freo pay is your go-to, small postpaid limit application. You can get accepted for limit of up to ₹ 6000.00 at a time, which you can use at any merchant outlet.

How is Freo Pay Different?

Freo Pay's Scan and Pay feature is fail-proof for all your small and everyday needs. This is going to be one of the fastest ways for you to do Merchant transactions. To add, you can buy whatever you want immediately and smoothly.

You don't have to worry about change, You can 'just pay for it later in one shot with just one bill'

The speed, continuity, and convenience - Freo Pay offers you all.

Who can Use Freo Pay?

Anybody between the ages of 22 - 58 can use Freo pay.  Download the app (Tap Here to Download) from your app store, sign-up and complete the steps to activate your account, and get your Freo Pay postpaid limit.

Where Can I Use Freo Pay?

Freo Pay can be used anywhere that has a QR Code. 

To pay, just Scan the QR Code at any merchant outlet. Repay for all your expenses later whenever you like, in just one shot. all done!

How much postpaid limit will I get approved for?

It depends. We consider a lot of factors before giving postpaid limit to a person. Some of the factors are - Income, Credit History, Repayment Behavior, and a few other factors. 

At present, maximum ₹ 6000.00 can be issued after a detailed review of our client.

What are the Documents required to Apply for Freo Pay Postpaid Limit?

When you sign in for the first time, you will required to enter your Pan Card Details and upload a Selfie.

What is this 'Scan and Pay' Thing and How I can use it?

The 'Scan & Pay' feature is the offline transaction method on Freo Pay. When you shop at a Physical Store that is having a QR Code. you can follow the steps mentioned below to do the transaction.

To pay at the shop,

1. Open Freo Pay app and simply click on 'Scan & Pay' from the home screen.
2. Scan the merchant's QR Code, enter the amount you've to pay, and finally verify the transaction by entering your Freo Pay PIN.

The amount will be displayed on your FreoPay postpaid limit, It will be deducted and the Payment will be done.

Can I use Freo Pay to buy food, groceries, or Shop online?

You cannot use it for online shopping. But surely, you can buy food, groceries etc. at a physical store that has obtained a QR Code. Follow these steps to pay at a store.

1. Open up Freo Pay > Select the Scan & Pay Feature.
2. Scan the Merchant's QR Code Quickly.
3. Enter the amount you paid.
4. Seamlessly complete your purchase.

That's it . Payment Done!

Will I get a better postpaid limit? How can I increase my postpaid limit?

Yes, you can certainly get a better postpaid limit. 

Your limit increase is based on your 'Repayment Behavior (RB)'. When you pay back on time, you improve your chances of increasing your postpaid limit.

Can I send money to friends or family from my Freo Pay account?

Freo Pay is a postpaid limit app that you can use for shopping only. So even though you owe your friend money. The app can't be used to send them.

Moneykuxion Tip : However, in practice, the application worked on a normal QR code as well. This might have been a blessing bug in the application for our team.

This limit however is sanctioned only for your merchant transactions.

Can My Friends or Family send money to my Freo Pay account?

You can use the application only for your Merchant Transactions. So, if your friends owe you money, they cannot send it to your Freo Pay account. If you'd like to reset the postpaid limit, you can pay within the app itself.

How to Pay my Freo Pay Bills?

If you're paying your bill early, then on the Home screen, under your photograph and available limit, you'll see a box as shown below.

It declares the amount that you've spent out of your postpaid limit. Tap on the 'Settle Bill' > Settlement. Under the Settle bill section, Tap 'Pay'. 

Else choose a custom amount, then click Proceed to Pay.

If you're paying once your bill is generated, then go to the home screen. Under your photograph and available limit, you'll see a box which shows 'name of the month' statement is generated.

Here, Tap on View > Settlement. 

That's it . Clear Your Bill Amount.

Can I Withdraw Money from my Freo Pay postpaid limit?

Since, Freo Pay is a postpaid limit app. you can use it only for merchant transactions. You cannot withdraw moneey from your Freo Pay Limit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interest and Charges Related Queries.

1. Is Freo Pay postpaid limit Interest Free?

In one line - Yes. It is.

You can enjoy your approved postpaid limit for a "30-day interest free period" after which you'll have to pay your dues on time. If you repay your bills by the 5th of every month, you'll not be charged interest at all.

2. Is the Freo Pay app Free?

Yes. Freo Pay app is Free.

3. What are the Additional Charges levied?

There are no charges, if you repay the bill by the due date. 

The amount due will include transactions done between the 1st to the end of the month.There is a 30-day interest free period, which may vary based on the date of transaction.


In case you don't repay the bill of a specific month by the 5th of the month, Freo Pay will temporarily suspend your transactions plus you will be charged  - a late fee of ₹ 30.00 + GST of 18% per day of missed payment after the 5th .

This is capped to ₹ 900.00 per billing cycle along with GST of 18% on your total late fee amount.

Freo Pay Cash Program

You can invite your friends and family (father, mother, daughter, son and other relatives) via Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and with your referral link over the websites like Quora.

Freo Pay cash is a part of the Freopay referral program where we reward you when you refer someone.

Now, How to Earn this Freo Pay Cash?

Freo Pay cash can help you to settle your outstanding bills in the Freo Pay application. Below are the steps to get it.

1. Invite a friend on Freo Pay using your referral link.
2. Once your friend signs up successfully and gets their Freo pay postpaid limit.  They earn 50.00 Freo Pay Cash. So, It is okay, in fact good to recommend to your friends as well.
3. When your friend gets their referral reward, you earn your 50.00 freo pay cash as well.

How to Make More Money with the Freo Pay Interest Free Limit?

For this to be successful, you should already have 6000.00 in your bank account. With that amount, you can buy Liquid Mutual Fund(s). 

Liquid Mutual Fund(s) have a feature that you can withdraw even after 7 days of Purchasing. Whatever interest you earn will be yours on this 6000.00 of yours.

Below is the video by Ankur Ji that explains it Well.

Technical Issues in Freo Pay App.

Have you already installed the Freo Pay App then below are some technical issues with their answers.

1. If you can't login to Freo Pay or your app is crashing.

So, try uninstalling and re-installing the app or update it from the app store.This problem might be happening if you're not on the latest version of the application.

If not resolved, you can mail them to

2. If you're not getting OTP to login or signup or you're facing 'Maximum OTP reached' problem while logging in.

Please quickly write to the Freo pay app team on mail Id

a. Attach screenshots of the error you're facing on the application.
b. Do mention your registered email ID and phone number in mail sent.

The App says that my PAN Card already exists. I'm unable to move further.

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