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To earn money with Propellerads, you need to have a blog (let it be on blogger or wordpress) and then you need to monetize that blog with propellerads ad network.

When you have your Google Adsense account in review for a long time or when a Google Adsense account gets banned, people like you and me seek other ad networks to monetize their blogs.

One of the best Google Adsense Alternatives I have found is PropellerAds.

Monetize every audience type

The reason is simple. It instantly approves your blog. Just make sure, you have a TLD domain. 

TLD Domains stand for Top Level Domains and are .com, .in, .net and .org type of domains i.e. basically the paid domains.

Infact, I have made over 200 USD, See here,
Propellerads Payment Proof

and here,

When You Sign up on PropellerAds to start monetizing your blog. I would recommend to use the Multi-Tag

Multi-Tag is a simple ad code that once placed on your blog head section will intelligently place all the possible ads for you.

As per to Propellerads, Multi-Tag can give you 3X more profits as compared to placing multiple ad codes separately on your blog.

If you're using blogger or if your website is user friendly, tell the propeller ads support team to filter your ad codes for any kind of NSFW ads (email them, they do reply!).

PropellerAds Review : PropellerAds Built for Performance

PropellerAds pay you in PayPal. You can also get Payoneer payments but that usually costs around $3.00 USD as the Load Charge.

Here is my PropellerAds Payment Proof . 😇

PropellerAds Payment Proof

So, sign up on Propellerads to start making money with your website.

With all ad networks in general, your website needs to have some good amount of traffic (5K+ pageviews per day atleast) to see some revenue.

The least is. It might not be at par with Google Adsense in terms of Ad quality but it also exists and it could be considered as your second choice.

They say, some people are able to make more than $5000+ USD a day from Propeller ads placed on their websites. 

Interesting? so why to wait. Just Tap to Sign up on PropellerAds now and begin to reap it's instant monetary benefits. 

Hope this post helps you make money.

All the best!

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