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Airtm is an international exchanger of currencies. Not just indian rupee or dollar, but you can even exchange the cryptocurrencies on Airtm.

How to Make Money with Airtm?

The first step to make money with Airtm is to make a free account with it.

Click here to create your free Airtm Account.

Now, let's learn how to make money with Airtm.

You can make money with Airtm by becoming the Airtm cashier.

Your job as an Airtm cashier is to complete peer transfers i.e. help others to complete their transactions.

You can see all the peer transfers from the peer transfers section as shown below.

Peer Transfers for AirTM cashier in AirTM

Note: If you're an indian then the most profitable transactions are: Google Pay INR, Paytm, BHIM UPI and bank account transfers.

You will earn commissions on each completed transaction cycle on AirTM. For example: If you buy 100 AirUSD at INR 70.00 and sell out 100 AirUSD at INR 80.00 then your total commissions/earnings would be INR 1000.

Sometimes, Airtm also runs promotional giveaways where they pay you some bonus money to complete every transaction.

The second method of earning from Airtm is their deposits and referral program. Please follow step by step.

1.  Verify your Airtm account.

2. Do 3 deposit transactions of $5.00 USDC each into Airtm.

3.  Go to Invite Friends, copy your referral link as shown\

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Earn USDC by Inviting Friends to Airtm

4. Invite as many friends as you can.

5. Tell each friend to deposit at least $5.00 USDC worth of money 3 times.

6. You will earn $2.00 USDC and your friend will earn $1.00 USDC after 48 hours of 3 successful transactions done in step 3.  

How to Know How much Have you earned in Airtm?

You will get to know how much money you've made at the beginning of each month where Airtm sends you a monthly statement.

The monthly statement tells you:

  • How many transactions you completed in a month.
  • How much you have earned for completing those transactions.
  • Your average completion time.

How to add money to Airtm?

Suppose you have a cryptocurrency like Ethereum and you want to withdraw money to your bank account using Airtm by converting Ethereum into your native currency i.e rupees or dollars.

The first step would be to initiate an 'ADD' transaction in Airtm as shown in the image below.

Add funds in Airtm

The next step is to choose your payment method i.e. Ethereum for this example.

Select payment method to add funds in AirTM

Now, type 'Ethereum' in search box. If Ethereum doesn't come up then you need to add this payment method in 'Payment methods section' of AirTM. See the FAQs below to know how to add a payment method in your AirTM account.

Ethereum Payment Method Selected

Now, enter the amount of Ethereum you want to send,  then click on request and finally select the peer to initiate the transaction as shown in the figure below.
Ethereum transaction in AirTM

Now, a peer will come and you will need to send the Ethereum to the peer's Ethereum wallet address and the peer will send you the equivalent AirUSD.

Note: AirUSD is the currency of AirTM exchange. It is just like INR, PKR and USD. 1 AirUSD is usually equal to $1.00 USD i.e. INR 70 or PKR 150 (these were the rates at the time of writing this answer)

Once you have received the AirUSD, the next step is to withdraw money from AirTM into your bank account.

How to Withdraw Money from AirTM?

You can easily withdraw your money from AirTM by placing a withdraw request.

The first step is to click on withdraw tab on the left as shown below.

Withdraw funds from AirTM

Then select more payment methods.

Select payment method to add funds in AirTM

Now, search for 'Google Pay INR ' (if you're from India). If nothing shows up as you search for 'Google Pay INR' then that means this payment method is not setup. See the FAQs below to know how to setup a payment method.

google pay inr method to withdraw funds from airtm

Now, enter the amount you want to withdraw and select peer to initiate the withdraw transaction.

Select peer to withdraw funds from Airtm

Now, a peer will accept your request. He will send you the requested amount and AirTM will automatically give him the equivalent AirUSD from your account once you've confirmed that you've received the money.

This way, you can withdraw Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency into your bank account. Infact, you can exchange currencies from any AirTM supported wallet using the method described above. 

Airtm FAQs

1. What to do if the peer cancels the transaction after accepting my money?

A: If you're helping someone with the transaction then sometimes the peer might cancel the transaction and accept the money as well. In such a case, you can open a support ticket and describe your issue to AirTM support team. 

You can raise the ticket from the Help tab on the left.

2. Is there any app for AirTM that I can use?

A: Yes, AirTM has an app as well. You can create your free account and then download the app from Google playstore.

3. How to setup the payment methods?

A: Click on your profile picture on right.

Setup payment methods in Airtm - Click on Profile Picture

Click on payment methods and then click on 'Add new'.

Setup payment methods in AirTM - Click on Payment Methods

Now add payment of your choice i.e. your bank details, cryptocurrency wallets like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

Add Payment Method in AirTM

4. How to Earn More Money on Airtm?

A: You can earn more money on AirTM by completing more transactions of different types. But remember the rule of Buying low and Selling of trading here.

You should buy AirUSD at a low cost and sell AirUSD at a high cost to earn profits from this website.

Please make accounts on following wallets and add them as accepted payment methods in your AirTM account.

Perfect Money: click here to make your Perfect Money account
Advcash: click here to make your Advcash account.
Payoneer: click here to create your free Payoneer account.

5. Is airtm available in India?

A : Yes, airtm is available for Indians. You can make BHIM Upi, Paytm, Google Pay and Phonepe transactions using airtm in India.

6. is AIRTM safe?

A : Yes, airtm is safe. It has an escrow service to protect your funds. But beware of people who send you fund requests unnecessarily. Don't accept unwanted fund requests as they can cause you to loose funds on AIRTM.

7. What is AirTM app?

A: AirTM app is an android app of the AirTM platform. It helps you exchange money and earn commissions by helping others to exchange their money. 

Hope this post helps you to earn money online.

All the best!

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